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29 08, 2018

Pre-shift Attitude

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Personify the attitude you want your team members to personify for the rest of their shift.  Smiles, greetings and a professional attitude make for a great customer experience.

14 09, 2017

What Do We Do If Our Brand Changes?

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“If your brand changes, you have a new flag,” says Stark Service Solutions President and CEO Naomi Stark. And those in the hospitality industry never know when their hotel chain might be sold and re-branded. When that happens, says Stark, “You have new standards to follow. Your staff might change, your staff might not change. How [...]

7 09, 2017

Guest Opportunities: Own Every Request

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In the hospitality industry, truly professional staffers know that they’re always customer-facing. Even if their jobs don’t include dealing directly with guests, the guests will always see them as representing the hotel. Sharing elevators, answering questions and being asked to solve problems are part of the job for every staffer. When a guest asks you to [...]